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dtournas 10-27-2009 05:07 PM

XEN on CentOS 5.4 - Cannot create VM using Local Install (grayed out)
Hello community!

I'm running into some strange problem with my CentOS while trying to create a new VM using virt-manager. I'm connected locally and when I'm following the wizard, at the time it asks me to select the installation option I can only select Network Install.

No matter what type/kind of OS I select, this doesn't change.

Now this has been driving me crazy for some time. I've been searching around and asking friends and colleagues but nothing came out. The best I could find is a reference from some mailing list saying:


2) Local install media and Network boot (PXE) are not available because of the following line in (around line 340):
is_pv = (self.capsguest.os_type == "xen")

I changed that line to:
is_pv = False
because Xen can do Full Virtualisation these days. And I'm then able to create local CD install of a full virtualisation VM, which boots and works perfectly.
Unfortunately I was not able to find any file with the following line.

PHP Code:

find / | xargs grep 'is_pv' 

Before that, I've selected Paravirtualized (running in an old Intel ;)) and the architecture is i686 with xen as my hypervisor. None of these settings can change.

I know I'm close but apparently not close enough ;)

Thanks in advance!

reickler 10-28-2009 01:22 AM

Paravirt guests cannot access (at least not with virt-manager) the cd or nic boot rom, so those are the only supported install methods. There's ways of installing paravirt guests from cd or kickstart using virt-install, pygrub or similar.

fstechno1 09-21-2010 04:56 AM

Any updates
Hi guys, I'm trying to install Guest for KVM on CentOS 5.4 on a Dell poweredge 2950. Im getting the exact same issue when trying to install not being able to use local Media. Thanks again.

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