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Noahetrex 10-20-2009 12:00 PM

WINE virtual appliance
I don't quite know if virtual "appliance" is the correct name.

I simply want to know how to create, or get a link to, a virtual machine that does this...

Simply run WINE in a VERY small graphical interface. The smaller the memory usage... the better...

My goal is to run as many instances of the same windows program at once without all the "fat" of windows, openoffice or other programs I don't need.

Thanks in advance!

David the H. 10-21-2009 09:07 AM

Truthfully, I'm not clear as to exactly what you're asking. For one thing, wine and the x-window graphics server are separate things. First you run an instance of X, then when you launch a gui program, it uses X to create the windows. So your total system burden is equal to one X session plus the programs you run.

As for wine, all it does here is take the graphics api calls of the windows program and translate them to equivalent X calls.

Now concerning running multiple instances of a windows program under wine (note, you don't "run wine" by itself; it's just the environment emulator), it depends on the program. If it's possible to run multiple copies of the program on windows, then you should be able to do pretty much the same thing under wine. If the program is such that it will only allow one instance to run at a time, then you'll have to set a different WINEPREFIX for each instance you want to run so that each process uses its own wineserver. See the man pages for wine and wineprefixcreate, and the rest of the wine documentation, for more.

Noahetrex 10-22-2009 06:50 AM

WINEPREFIX does not work with this application. What I really wanted was what you suggested, but like I said, it does not work.

Here is what I have setup status quo. Around 12 windows 2000 virtual machines all running the application. This is very inefficient (I mean it's windows for goodness sakes :-)

What I want is a large amount of Linux virtual machines all running the application while taking advantage of paravirtualization (KVM if possible)

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