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Herve5 04-04-2021 02:32 PM

VM containing old OSX on Debian, which way?
I'm on current Debian with almost no experience in VMs, and since I abandoned MacOSX long ago I used to consider virtualizing my old mac just wasn't an option.
(that would have been to retrieve old closed-source databases of various editors that now only allow pay-per-view web access, if and when they still exist, and which I won't rebuy)

But recently I have been aware of two things :
- there seems to be a clear, step-by-step manner to create an OSX VM (with more recent OS versions than mine, but OK)
- there seems to be yet another VM manager, 'Gnome Boxes' maybe only a wrapper around Qemu + various additions.

I have two questions :
- what is your opinion on Boxes (on Debian Xfce), vs the others, which are simpler to set?
- would you suggest another system than Qemu for virtualizing OSX?

While the 'foxlet' script above does download recent OSX versions, any manner to just recuperate my old system, on my old hardware, would do too...

Thank you!!

jefro 04-05-2021 07:16 PM

Not sure this subforum is best for that question.

KVM has a few GUI front ends if that makes it any easier.

Qemu and KVM kind of get mixed together a bit. The example shows KVM and you'd need full hardware support I'd think for it.

Boxes is simple and has few options. Not sure I'd use it too much.

Virtualbox has more (or maybe more easy) options.

There have been some online pre-built images of OSX to just import/copy into virtualbox. I played with it for a few days a while back.

No idea on the legal part of this. Pretty sure the people who made the online image also had to make a few changes to get it to work outside of an Apple system.

Herve5 04-06-2021 07:33 AM

Thank you Jefro!
At this moment I did manage to create an OSX 'blank' machine the way described in my link above; I'm now in a more challenging attempt : to actually retrieve all of my previous OSX system, with installed (old) apps, documents etc., as the Apple 'migration assistant' does propose this option.
I expect this to be a looong action (long Time Machine backup creation, then turn the backup disk into an image that be compatible with KVM, restart the KVM with that disk image added, etc.)
But I'll come back here to report (if it works) and (probably) even earlier whenever I hit an issue ;-)
Thanks again!

jefro 04-07-2021 02:32 PM

Computers never seem to be fast when you need them.

It should be easy to mount the image if you just want to get data off.
That is use linux to access the files.

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