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lukester 06-22-2012 06:20 AM

V2V conversion CentOS on ESXi to Hyper-V?

Looking for a spot of advice if I may...

I need to perform a virtual to virtual conversion of a CentOS VM currently running on VMware ESXi to Hyper-V.

Ideally I would like to do this with no downtime but beggers can't be choosers!
I have researched and attempted a few different ways but with no luck, I've tried:

SCVMM p2v tool - works for windows VMs, both physical and virtual but not CentOS, just gets an error.

Starwind easy converter - tried this twice, once on my PC where i get error invalid processor on the install and again on one of the hyper-v hosts. This does seem to convert the vmdk to a vhd file but fails on boot with Kernel panic. I managed to get past this once but all the partition tables are messed up and un-fixable (for me)

5nine easy converter - wont even install anywhere... tried on the centos vm, my pc, hyper-v hosts everywhere... downloaded it twice and same happens...

So if anyone knows of any awesome tools to convert from VMware to Hyper-V please, please let me know!

Many thanks


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