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alphy 07-22-2011 11:51 AM

Using an ISO image as rootfs for a LXC
I am trying to start a LXC, with a ISO image as the rootfs using lxc-utils (

the excerpt of the mount options that I use in lxc.conf

lxc.rootfs = rootfs.iso
lxc.rootfs.mount = /lxc/rootfs

The error that I get while I start the LXC

lxc-start: No such file or directory - failed to exec /sbin/init
lxc-start: invalid sequence number 1. expected 2
lxc-start: failed to spawn 'raven'
lxc-start: Device or resource busy - failed to remove cgroup '/cgroup/raven'

on closer look at the lxc-start , I found the following

1) the iso image is mounted at the specified location
2) I am also able to stat the /sbin/init file.

I instrumented the code in file ${SRC_FOLDER}/src/lxc/start.c:: static
int start(struct lxc_handler *handler, void* data)
and I am able to stat the file /sbin/init just before execvp, but exec
fails with "No such file or directory".

Any help in this regard would be useful.


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