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soulman_yu 10-13-2011 03:56 AM

RedHat Virtualization manager experiances and download
Hi there

I will have few servers with RH virtualization on them (RH 5.4 for Itanium as a host OS, and few Windows as guest OS's) on my hands soon.
To try to think proactive, I've found that there is a software called RedHat Virtualization manager - RHEVM (, that lets me monitor few hosts with this sort of Linux virtualization.

DId anyone have experience with this sort of software? What are they?

I will try to locate some site to download it, but if anyone has already found it, please post it under this post.


dyasny 10-13-2011 03:56 PM

you can get it from Red Hat, of course. It's a solution that consists of a manager server, that can control a large number of hypervisors, for details, call your Red Hat salesperson

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