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GrnEyedAngel 07-20-2010 09:42 AM

Problems Running Online Bandit in VirtualBox
I'm running Ubuntu 10.04. I have Version 3.2.6 of VirtualBox and I have a Windows XP Virtual Machine installed on it. There is a game site that I play called Online Bandit. You download the client from the site, and then play from the client. For some reason I was getting errors while I was in the middle of the game. It would just kick me out of my game and say I quit. I turned off the 2D & 3D Acceleration under Display Settings, and I enabled PAE/NX under System/Processor Settings. This seemed to have fixed the problem. However, the other day I was in a game and it just froze up on me, then the game client went completely black and all I couldn't do anything. I also had an instance where I was playing a game and it appears to have got stuck somehow. They have a game similar to "Sorry" and I was trying to move my piece, but when I clicked on my piece it wouldn't move. The timer was still working on the game as I ended up timing out since I could not click my piece. Any ideas would be appreciated!

I tried running this game through Wine before but it'd just kick me out of the entire client. However I changed around some settings and ended up getting it to run through Wine, but I was also being kicked from games then all the time with no luck of ever fixing that. I thought I had the issue resolved in VirtualBox until the other day.

mostlyharmless 07-21-2010 01:01 AM

Well, I have some suggestions, maybe none of them any good...

You could try a different VM. Make a copy of your Windows XP VM, remove the VB additions, run it in VMWare and add the VMWare additions: a fair amount of work, might not change anything.

Some of these problems sound like latency/dropped connection problems. Make sure nothing else on the system is using your internet connection; ie surfing to Linuxquestions while playing.

Since WineHQ AppDB doesn't have an entry for the program, you might want to share your settings and changes with the website. Even if it doesn't work, you can still submit a rating, "Bronze" for example.

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