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TobiSGD 04-27-2011 09:20 AM

Problem to connect to headless Virtualbox 4.0.6 with rdesktop: Connection refused
I am currently trying to learn how to run VMs on a headless machine and connect to them with rdesktop.
For a first test I installed Virtualbox 4.0.6 (latest version, from the oracle website) on a Slackware -current 32 bit machine that doesn't run headless, so that I can test the VM in the "normal" mode. Installation went fine, no problems here.

After installation I created a VM (for use with Puppy Linux as a test) with the following commands:

VBoxManage createvm --name "Puppy" --ostype "Linux26" --register
VBoxManage modifyvm "Puppy" --memory 256 --acpi on --boot1 dvd --nic1 nat
VBoxManage storagectl "Puppy" --name "IDE Controller" --add ide --controller PIIX4
VBoxManage storageattach "Puppy" --storagectl "IDE Controller" --port 0 --device 0 --type dvddrive --medium /home/tobi/lupu-520.iso
VBoxManage modifyvm "Puppy" --vrdeauthtype none

All commands worked I had no error-messages.
Running the VM from the host (means not in headless mode) works flawlessly.

I then started the VM in headless mode with

VBoxHeadless --startvm "Puppy"
Here also no error messages, the output was:

Oracle VM VirtualBox Headless Interface 4.0.6
(C) 2008-2011 Oracle Corporation
All rights reserved.

and if I start the GUI of Virtualbox it shows a running Puppy Linux in the preview window.

I then tried to connect to the machine with

rdesktop -a 16 -N localhost
rdesktop -a 16 -N localhost:3389

from the host. I also tried it with

rdesktop -a 16 -N dragon
rdesktop -a 16 -N dragon:3389

from a remote machine (Slackware64 -current).

All I get every time is

ERROR: connect: Connection refused
I also tried it with KRDC and all I get is a blue window, no error messages.

I looked at the settings of the VM using the Virtualbox GUI and set the port manually to 3389, because the port was not specified there. That didn't help.

I am somewhat stuck here, I googled for that problem and searched on this forum, but I didn't find a solution.

May be someone had the same problem and can point me to a solution.

Thanks in advance.

TobiSGD 04-28-2011 08:59 PM

Sometimes I am really dumb. Even though it is clearly stated in the users manual of Virtualbox that the extension pack has to be installed to work with headless servers I just forgot that.
Silly me.

thinmintaddict 04-29-2011 08:25 AM

glad you got it figured out :-). If you're planning on running headless, look into phpVirtualBox, its a WebGUI for VB, makes a lot of common tasks easier.

TobiSGD 04-29-2011 09:14 AM

Thanks for that hint, I will have a look at it.

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