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antonko 12-22-2010 11:27 AM

OpenSUSE 11.3 on User-Mode Linux
Hello! After successful installation of Ubuntu 10.10 (described here) I decided to do the same with OpenSuse 10.3.
The first and the main problem I've encountered is lack of deboostrap analogue for OpenSuse. However, I hope that something the same does exists - maybe, somebody knows?

So, because of the mentioned above problem the long story begins. As described in UMLWiki: Building root file systems it's possible to boot from CD by taking an UML kernel and passing to it an initrd of the original boot CD. However, as I understand, it's correct only when UML kernel version and original boot CD kernel version are the same. The official OpenSUSE 11.3 DVD comes with root 2.6.34-12 and the latest for today stable vanilla kernel is I have no idea where to take kernel v2.6.34-12, because provides neither 2.6.34-12 nor
So, to start an installation process of OpenSuse I followed these steps:
  1. Decompressed initrd from DVD, inserted there modules compiled against the latest kernel and made a new initrd. The original initrd ships with only 2 modules: squashfs.ko and loop.ko. I've added isofs.ko to kernel be able to mount DVD ISO.
  2. Launched UML kernel with the next parameters:

    sudo ./linux initrd=openSuse/new_initrd mem=256M con=xterm \
    ubd0r=openSUSE-11.3-DVD-i586.iso \
    ubd1=openSuse/opensuse-11.3.img \

  3. After successful boot of UML kernel an automatic installation process begins. But it fails, here is the log:

    loading file:/var/adm/mount/content -> /content
    sha1 b434b26007114f646423a08650221d786c28db3c
    sha1 not checked
    loading file:/var/adm/mount/content.asc -> /content.asc
    sha1 48473e7c61174beaf44a3ddc1de37c0ae485dd87
    sha1 not checked
    cd:/content: signature check failed

    I think, that check fails because of changed initrd. So, maybe, I need to use UML kernel to be able to load the original intrd?
    From the other side, instead of change initrd I could use statically-linked UML kernel, but can't compile it: get errors.
So the questions are:
  1. Is there an analogue of debootstrap for OpenSuse?
  2. Where can I find kernel 2.6.34-12?
  3. Is it possible to skip signature checking?
P.S. The DVD ISO is absolutely correct, I've checked it.

antonko 12-24-2010 05:18 AM

By the way, I've found some kind of analogue of debootstrap. It's SuseStudio, web system for building and configuring Suse images with help of the browser. Built images are allowed for downloads.
However, it's not pure analogue :)

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