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ssanthshtech 01-11-2013 06:37 AM

creating virtual disk and installing grub and use with qemu
this is my first thread... completed building linux from scratch with help of lfs7.2 book on my host ubuntu 12.4 .now i want to load the lfs source in qemu for that i followed this link

1. Create disk image
2. Partitioning the disk
2.2 Creating primary partition
3 Setting up loopback device
3.2 Formatting with ext2
3.3 Mounting the virtual drive
4. Installing grub
For this step please ensure that you have grub installed on your box

in this fourth step i dont know how to install in my virtual drive

i tried like sudo grub-install /dev/loop0
error as /dev/loop0 does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.
how to solve this ........
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jefro 01-11-2013 10:14 PM

See these two posts. Between them I think you can get it installed.

And welcome to LQ.

ssanthshtech 01-12-2013 03:56 AM

i dont know wr i did mistake it also gives error that two links are good but can u give some other suggestions based on my link ...

ssanthshtech 01-15-2013 02:18 AM

need to load lfs root filesyatem on qemu for that i need to create a virtual harddisk for that i want to install grub in virtual disk i tried lot getting errors give me som more suggustions new to linux struggling to learn....

jefro 01-15-2013 08:20 AM

You don't need to create a virtual hard drive for qemu. Just dd the disk if you want and use it as a raw image. Otherwise you may try other tools like clonezilla or maybe partimage/gparted sort of copies or tar cpio and rsync.

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