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yodds 01-28-2013 10:57 AM

Centos 5.7 XEN
Hi Guys,

Not so much a problem, was more after your expertise. I am running with Centos 5.7 XEN installed running linux VM's just fine. I have another lot of identical hardware waiting to go so I can play with the migrate feature. However was thinking of saving some cost (with power and extra hardware) and replacing the hardware in my PC running windows 7 with centos 5.7.

I am happy to rock with linux but the only concern is my girlfriend wouldn't have a clue and also potentially could break/turn off vm's without knowledge. What I was thinking, is have a windows 7 DOMU installed and running and when she logs into linux she is rdesktop'd to the windows 7 DOMU kind of like a thin client idea but from the xen DOM0 login prompt.

Hope I have explained this well, let me know if now and i'll try explain better.

+----------+ +-------------------+
| DOM0 |--->| DOM0 Login Prompt |
+----------+ +-------------------+
|WIN7_DOMU |<<----RDesktop to... <<---



chrism01 01-30-2013 04:55 AM

Slightly off topic answer, but you may want to think about it.

1. latest RHEL/Centos is 5.9
2. you're far enough along RHEL/Centos versions to start using KVM instead of Xen (ie both are available to you).
I say this because RH has dropped Xen completely for v6.x and only supports KVM.
You may want to think about moving on, technology wise.

PS : sorry I can't help with your immediate issue.

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