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martinezjr 09-17-2013 10:21 PM

Can not bind to Virtual IP
I am having trouble setting up a virtualized HA MySQL/Apache cluster. Currently I have six Dell Optiplex GX240s each with 80gb HDD, 1 10/100 NIC, 2GBs RAM, 2.1GHz Intel P4. I am running F14 with MySQL 5.5, Apache 2.2, HAProxy and keepalived. Two machines are load balancers, two machines are MySQL master-master replication, two machines are MySQL slave replicators and Apache webservers. I have no issues with the set up other than I can no longer get parts for the machines, and one died three months ago.

So I got two smb servers, AMD FX-6100s, 12GB ram each, 1TB HDD each, dual 1GB NICs. Using VM EXi5.1, with no load balancing on the physical NICs, set two virtual switches with static IPs on each machine. Set up vm with dual NICs, 2GB RAM, 2 cores each, F15, MySQL 5.6, Apache 2.2, and cloned 4 times. Cloned again twice, but set only 1GB RAM and 1 core for load balancers. One of each type on each host machine. Every vm has static ips. VM's are located on separate machine with 1gb NIC. A little lag on the vm's as I do not have a dedicated switch(es) for the cluster.

Using exact same configuration from physical cluster for HAProxy and keepalived, set up load balancers. Had to change some of the options(1) for HAProxy as they have been removed. None of vm's will bind to the virtual IP, but when I "ip addr sh eth0" the virtual ip's show up.

What is the next step? I submitted a support ticket to VMware, two weeks ago, but no response (free service, said they would reply in one week).

Any help please.

martinezjr 09-19-2013 02:54 PM

Can nobody help me?

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