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The00Dustin 09-24-2006 05:01 PM

Yum & "Core Binaries" Question
One of the applications I run on my servers appears to be incompatible with CentOS 4.4. As such, I installed CentOS 4.3 on a machine, but when I ran yum update to get the latest kernel, it started saying it was CentOS 4.4 after a reboot. It says this even if I boot with the old kernel. I am assuming that the application is incompatible with the "core binaries" of CentOS 4.4 (per software author). Does the kernel update (or some other yum update) replace the "core binaries," and if so, is there any easy way to revert back to CentOS 4.3? Thanks in advance,

hob 09-25-2006 04:34 PM

I use RHEL, rather than CentOS, but it sounds like CentOS have released a quarterly update - These updates usually do contain a new kernel, and may update a number of other fundamental packages. The CentOS Web site would probably tell you which packages were changes by the point update.

I'd advise trying find out more about the change that has caused your application to break first of all. By design yum itself doesn't support downgrading the system, but you can download individual older packages and use the rpm utility to install them. In practice trying to downgrade a system can break more than it solves (which is why yum doesn't support it).

The00Dustin 09-26-2006 12:15 PM

Indeed, CentOS 4.4 is a RedHat EL 4 Update 4 build. I suppose I will have to find the most up to date 4.3 RPMs I can and archive them for now. Thank you,

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