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faizlo 08-10-2009 01:09 PM

Your opinion on emacs colors

I have never been good with colors. I mean I can't match them together!
I have compiled my .emacs file from scratch, and I wish if you can tell me your opinions about the colors. I want something that's very easy to my eyes as I am/will spend a lot of time with emacs.
Here is my .emacs file:

  ;; custom-set-faces was added by Custom.
  ;; If you edit it by hand, you could mess it up, so be careful.
  ;; Your init file should contain only one such instance.
  ;; If there is more than one, they won't work right.
 '(default ((t (:inherit nil :stipple nil :background "LightBlue1" :foreground "black" :inverse-video nil :box nil :strike-through nil :overline nil :underline nil :slant normal :weight regular :height 122 :width regular :foundry "bitstream" :family "Bitstream Vera Sans")))))

;;save everything to a folder
(setq backup-by-copying t ; don't clobber symlinks
'(("." . "~/emacs_backup")) ; don't litter my fs tree
delete-old-versions t
kept-new-versionhs 6
kept-old-versions 2
version-control t) ; use versioned backups

(setq default-frame-alist '(
(cursor-color . "saddle brown")
(user-position . t)
(user-size . t)
(height . 40)
(width . 100)))

(set-face-foreground 'font-lock-variable-name-face "chocolate4" )
(set-variable font-lock-variable-name-face 'font-lock-variable-name-face)

(set-face-foreground 'font-lock-type-face "dark green" )
(set-variable font-lock-type-face 'font-lock-type-face)

(set-face-foreground 'font-lock-comment-face "thistle4" )
(set-variable font-lock-comment-face 'font-lock-comment-face)

(set-face-foreground 'font-lock-string-face "firebrick" )
(set-variable font-lock-string-face 'font-lock-string-face)

(set-face-foreground 'font-lock-preprocessor-face "sandy brown" )
(set-variable font-lock-preprocessor-face 'font-lock-preprocessor-face)

(set-face-foreground 'font-lock-constant-face "green4" )
(set-variable font-lock-constant-face 'font-lock-constant-face)

(set-face-foreground 'font-lock-keyword-face "blue1" )
(set-variable font-lock-keyword-face 'font-lock-keyword-face)

(set-face-foreground 'font-lock-function-name-face "blue violet" )
(set-variable font-lock-function-name-face 'font-lock-function-name-face)

If you have any suggestions or ideas, I will be grateful.
Notice, backup your .emacs file before you try mine.

Thanks in advance,


GrapefruiTgirl 08-14-2009 10:21 PM


Originally Posted by Emacs manual section (Face Attributes) 38.12.2
Font weight—one of the symbols (from densest to faintest) ultra-bold, extra-bold, bold, semi-bold, normal, semi-light, light, extra-light, or ultra-light. On text-only terminals that support variable-brightness text, any weight greater than normal is displayed as extra bright, and any weight less than normal is displayed as half-bright.

Above manual available at:

You'll see (at least it is the case with my version of Emacs) that "regular" is not a supported :face attribute. Also, the :width attribute returns an error as well, when it encounters the "regular" parameter.

By leaving these attributes out (or by specifying a valid parameter such as "normal"), Emacs starts without error for me.

I don't use Emacs (yet) so I can't comment on how it might affect ones' eyes after a long time with those colors, but in my own opinion, the cyan background color is a bad choice, as well as just being a yucky color.

Then again, it's whatever makes YOU comfortable. and what YOU find easy on your eyes -- the opinions of others about it really don't matter much :)


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