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Theoutdoorsman 09-30-2003 09:06 PM

Yahoo Messenger in Red Hat 9.0..................?
I upgraded from Mandrake to Red Hat 9.0 because Yahoo Messenger isn't supported in Mandrake nor in Gaim anymore. Problem is, I can ONLY access Yahoo Messenger when I'm logged in as root in Red Hat Linux v9.0. Any help in accessing Yahoo Messenger via normal log-in's other than root would be MUCH appreciated!!!!! Thanks in advance for any and all help!!!!!!!............................ALAN

KevinJ 09-30-2003 10:28 PM

Try launching your messenger program from a terminal window when you are logged in as a regular user. If the program launches, then try logging in. You should get some errors in that terminal window that will give us a clue as to why its not working. More than likely, its a simple permissions problem.


simplico 09-30-2003 11:10 PM

i am using mdk9.1 and used the rpm i found on yahoo!s website and i am able to use yahoo messenger as regular user. run ymessenger at the command prompt and u should be ok.

Theoutdoorsman 10-01-2003 02:49 AM

Hey KevinJ......... It's definitely a permissions problem. How can I work around this? Any suggestions?

sheldon 10-01-2003 08:19 AM

Could you elaborate what kind of error message you are getting?..

Just try this as root.

1) go to the proper directory
2) Do 'chmod 4755 ymessnger'


Theoutdoorsman 10-01-2003 10:26 AM

Thanks Sheldon,

When I log in via my normal user login (not root) and try to install the program by double clicking on it in the folder I saved the "rh9.ymessenger-1.0.4-1.i386.rpm" file to, I then type my password for root as instructed and it returns this message:

"Could not open package. The file could not be read. Make sure you have the proper permissions on it."

Soooo.......I then proceded to install it as root as instructed via the web site I downloaded the file from (Yahoo) and it works like a champ....... AS LONG AS I AM LOGGED IN AS ROOT. But I want to be able to use Yahoo Messenger in "normal" user log-in's, NOT just as root.

Now, on to what you suggested..................

I have no idea what directory to even look in. The shortcut to the program when logged in as root, points to the directory "/opt/ymessenger/bin/ymessenger". I opened up my terminal, changed to this directory, and did just as you instructed. It didn't return anything. I know this has to be something simple. I'm just too green to see it I know.................LOL................ Can you tell? Thank you for helping. Any other suggestions? Hope I provided you with enough information. If you need more, let me know and I'll do what I can on this end to get it to you. Thanks again!!!.....................ALAN

sheldon 10-01-2003 10:34 AM

I need more info..

I undesrtand that u were able to install the program only as root.
That is expected.

But what happens when u try to run this as normal user?.. Whatn kind of error you are getting?

If you know the place where u installed this.. do the following as normal user..

1) go to the directory from a terminal
2) Tye './ymessenger'

Tell me the message that you are getting.

After this.. try 'ls -l ymessenger'
Send me the results..

php 10-01-2003 12:01 PM

gaim .70 works fine with yahoo again.

element 10-01-2003 01:19 PM


Originally posted by hackers_
gaim .70 works fine with yahoo again.
Yep and the friendly people of GAIM will give the changes to the Jabber people so they can adjust the Yahoo transport accordingly.

Theoutdoorsman 10-01-2003 01:41 PM

Hi again Sheldon,

As instructed via the Yahoo website, I did the following:

1. Save the appropriate file listed below to your machine.
* RedHat 6.x (837b5919bffabae74386bcbc2a602daf)
* RedHat 7.x(8d6ebad8eee0260ef9f53a535ced5f68)
* RedHat 8.0(c1c43d6dde97d2bad13140b25b044d98)
* RedHat 9(325e37fe50a7beb32d740da5d7467751)
2. Log in as root and type
rpm -i <filename>
with the appropriate filename depending on your version to install the application.
3. Run /usr/bin/ymessenger from X Window to launch the application.

When I do as instructed via #3 in my terminal, I get this message:

[alan@dhcp-250-1 /]$ cd /usr/bin
[alan@dhcp-250-1 bin]$ /ymessenger
bash: /ymessenger: No such file or directory
[alan@dhcp-250-1 bin]$

Now.......... I also tried your second suggestion and got this response:

[alan@dhcp-250-1 bin]$ ls -1 ymessenger
ls: ymessenger: Permission denied
[alan@dhcp-250-1 bin]$

What would you like me to try next? Thanks a lot for being patient with me...........LOL.........Remember, I am green.

Theoutdoorsman 10-01-2003 01:46 PM

Hi "hackers_" and "element",

I'm glad to here GAIM is working again but I would really like to get this version of Yahoo Messenger running under normal user login's. My better half insists on it...............LOL.

Theoutdoorsman 10-01-2003 02:03 PM

Hey Sheldon,

Here's what I get when I try an install from the terminal under a "normal" user:

[alan@dhcp-250-1 alan]$ cd Yahoo\ Messenger
[alan@dhcp-250-1 Yahoo Messenger]$ dir
[alan@dhcp-250-1 Yahoo Messenger]$ rpm -i rh9.ymessenger-1.0.4-1.i386.rpm
error: cannot get exclusive lock on /var/lib/rpm/Packages
error: cannot open Packages index using db3 - Operation not permitted (1)
error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm
[alan@dhcp-250-1 Yahoo Messenger]$

I just thought this might be helpful............ Thanks again!!!!


KevinJ 10-01-2003 02:18 PM

You won't be able to install as non-root. Not in RPM format anyway.

Okay, lets try this again....

When in a non-root xterm window, you type "ymessenger" and what do you get?

It will either find the file in your path and say "permission denied" or something like that or it won't find the file and say "file not found" or something like that.

If you get a "permission denied" error, then as ROOT you need to find the exact location of the file and then change the permissions on it.

which ymessenger
chmod 755 /usr/bin/ymessenger (or whatever the full path is)


Theoutdoorsman 10-01-2003 04:08 PM

Hi Kevin,

When I type "ymessenger" in terminal, I get this:

[alan@dhcp-250-1 alan]$ ymessenger
bash: ymessenger: command not found
[alan@dhcp-250-1 alan]$

In home/usr/bin I get this:

[alan@dhcp-250-1 /]$ cd /usr
[alan@dhcp-250-1 usr]$ cd /bin
[alan@dhcp-250-1 bin]$ ymessenger
bash: ymessenger: command not found
[alan@dhcp-250-1 bin]$

In ROOT, the shortcut points to this directory........... /opt/ymessenger/bin/ymessenger..............So I did the chmod thing you said on that directory and this is what I get:

[alan@dhcp-250-1 bin]$ chmod 755 /opt/ymessenger/bin/ymessenger
chmod: failed to get attributes of `/opt/ymessenger/bin/ymessenger': Permission
[alan@dhcp-250-1 bin]$

Thanks for trying to help........................ALAN

KevinJ 10-01-2003 05:07 PM

KevinJ breaks out the hammer:

chmod -R 777 /opt/ymessenger



I just noticed that you are running the chmod command as a non-root user. That won't work. You must be root to chmod on these particular files.

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