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podollb 10-15-2003 02:26 AM

XWindows (Snap to Grid)
How would I go about setting up my windows to snap to grid when moved manually? I know there is the setting to do smart layout which is great, but when I move a xterm or something next to another it would be great if it could snap to be side-by-side (or to the nearest grid) is that possible?

ilikejam 10-15-2003 07:58 PM

KDE does this automatically - windows 'stick' to the edges of the screen and to each other. (And lets you move maximised windows and does a whole host of really useful stuff like 'always on top'. God, I love that feature)

I assume you're using Gnome, yes?


podollb 10-15-2003 08:06 PM

I am using Fluxbox actually... Gnome and KDE were just to bulky and slow for me.
And Fluxbox is such a sweet wm I love it.

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