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ujnam 10-29-2004 05:35 AM

Xterm Error Not Able To Display
i m using cygwin to run the GUI applications installed under linux redhat 8
but the xterm gives an error, when ever i try to run a GUI application.
The error is.
" Error: Can't open display: "
the environment variable display is set so " DISPLAY= "
can anybody pls let me know, how should i set the DISPLAY variable, so that i can run an application.

thanks in advance

r0b0 10-29-2004 10:05 AM always points to local computer. That means in points to the linux machine when used on linux and it points to the windows machine when used in windows.
What you need to do is to set the DISPLAY variable to IP address of the windows machine (the one with cygwin-X).
Then the gui application will show up on the windows desktop.

ujnam 11-01-2004 07:50 AM

thank's a lot.
Now it's working fine.

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