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spchehe 08-18-2004 11:09 PM

Xmule: How to Integrate ED2K Links into different webbrowsers.


xMule - The Multiplatform Fork of the xMule Client

How to Integrate ED2K Links into your webbrowser

QUESTION: How can I make xMule take ed2k links from my browser?
------- KONQUEROR -------
1. /usr/kde/3.1/share/services
you can find it by file names ended with .protocol
kinda `find /usr -name "*.protocol"` or `find /opt -name "*.protocol"`
or even put / to path if you want.

2. If the first was successful, create a file named like e2k.protocol in
the mentioned directory:

exec=/usr/local/bin/ed2k "%u"

3. reload konqueror

(Credits: gfdsa)

------- OPERA -------

* Opera 6.11

First of all: Opera 6.11 doesn't pass complete URL to external programs - only URL
without protocol. don't know wheather this behaviour has changed in later releases.

create with this content:

/usr/local/bin/ed2k "ed2k://$1";

now edit (as root) /etc/opera6rc or as non-root ~/.opera/opera6.ini:

[Trusted Applications]

[User Prefs]

(Credits: thermoman ( Marcel Meckel ) )

* Opera 7.1 (slightly different from Opera 6)

Edit either /etc/opera6rc or ~/.opera/opera6.ini and add the following:

in [User Prefs]

in [Trusted Applications]
ed2k=/path/to/ed2k ed2k://%u

(Credits: ender)

------- MOZILLA -------
1) Go to
Choose the version fitting your mozilla-version and click on "install". It will auto-install protozilla
Now close mozilla completely.

- You must have write permission to the mozilla-installation-directory for this. If you've installed mozilla to /usr , you'll have to be root probably.
- The downloadable precompiled version of protozilla apparently does _not_ work with debian mozilla packages. It _does_ work together with the precompiled version of 1.2.1 available at for example [or you can build both mozilla and protozilla yourself]

2) This step is only necessary if you had to start mozilla as root in step 1). If you did step 1) with the same user as you normally use, you can skip it

as root do:
cp -r /root/.mozilla/PROFILENAME/RANDOM.slt/protozilla/

[copy protozilla-configuration from root's home to user's home]

cd /home/USERNAME/.mozilla/PROFILENAME/RANDOM.slt/
chown -R YOURUSER.YOURGROUP protozilla"

[cd to user's mozilla config-dir and change file-ownership parameters]

USERNAME: name of your normal, non-root user
PROFILENAME: name of the profile you'll want to use
RANDOM: random alphanumeric string, autogenerated by mozilla
YOURUSER, YOURGROUP: user and group of your normal user

3) setup a protocol-handler for ed2k-links:
- cd to ~/.mozilla/PROFILENAME/RANDOM.slt/protozilla/protocol

-create a file called "ed2k.cmd" with the following content:

ed2k ed2k:$URI_DATA

[do this with your favorite text-editor, the file doesn't have to be executable]

Now restart mozilla, and everything should work.

(Credits: rpokorny ( R. Pokorny ) )

Hope this helps :)

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