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lhoff 06-05-2004 08:35 AM

XMMS -p problems
Odd sort of problem here:

When I run the above in a term, xmms launches but can't connect to host

When I run xmms from my K menu, and load that URL as a song from my playlist, xmms connects fine and plays the stream.

With that stream as the last song played (which is apparently saved in ~/.xmms/config), when I run from a term

xmmsctrl launch play
xmms also launches and connects just fine and plays the stream.

Why would the command line invocation of xmms fail to connect to the host? I looked everywhere, but there seem to be no log entries of a failed (or locally blocked) connection attempt. (A side question would be: how can I log xmms connection activity?)

All of this makes it impossible for me to setup a morning cron alarm...;)

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