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jrbrown00 12-23-2014 09:33 AM

xming single window mode running sas - cannot separate windows
I am running SAS 9.2, linux and xMing running from Windows7. I invoke sas from a putty session. In multiple window mode, everything works fine. I prefer single window mode because I do not want all the windows appearing in my taskbar. When I configure xMing to run as a single window with a title bar, all of the SAS windows are attached and cannot be separated. Also, a large X appears as the windows icon. I can type into the program editor and run code, but I cannot manipulate the individual SAS windows. Using Exceed, each of the windows (lst, log, viewers, program editor) can be manipulated, opened, closed and resized separately. I cannot find any xMing options that might correct this.



jpollard 12-27-2014 01:03 AM

What do you expect? You explicitly disabled multiple windows...

With a single window the only titling that can take place IS ming, which apparently uses the X window logo. Allowing multiple windows also allows the applications attached to those windows to set the title/icon.

You can't manipulate the separate SAS windows because they ... are not separate.

jrbrown00 12-27-2014 12:59 PM

single window applies to the X-Window, not the SAS Windows
I have worked with both Exceed and ReflectionX for many years as X software and they both behave as expected. There are (at least) two settings. The first is where every SAS window is completely separate and each shows up as individual entries on the windows task bar. The second choice involves a single X window appearing on the task bar. Within that X window, each of the SAS Windows can be separately moved, sized, opened and closed. xMing is the only X software where the SAS windows (log, List, output, etc.) are locked together within the single X window.

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