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cruelnovember 06-14-2004 02:33 AM

.xinitrc problem

I have a problem concerning the .xinitrc file.
A few days ago i installed and ran Rox-Session with Icewm. I didnt like it and deinstalled it. After that i got a message each time i started x, which said that Rox-Manager doesnt exists and that i should look where it is or, in case of not wanting it any more delete .xinitrc and xsession in /home for setting defaults. I did so. I rum Icewm with the Xsession script so i dont need the xinitrc for that.
Now, I want a few programs to start at startx. But each time i make a .xinitrc file and start x it shuts down x before it gets started and says:

xinit: permission denied (errno13) no program named "/home/paul/.xinitrc" in PATH

can somebody help?

Thanks, Paul

Nixu 06-14-2004 03:49 AM


Did you put execute right to your .xinitrc file? If not try to do it using:

chmod u+x ~/.xinitrc
Your error message means that shell tries to find command named "/home/paul/.xinitrc" from any of the defined paths (see "echo $PATH")
You should also look at xinit script file and see if your Rox-Sessions have modified it.
You can also try next command to start your X (see man xinit).

xinit /home/paul/.xinitrc -- /usr/X11R6/bin/X bc

cruelnovember 06-14-2004 05:46 AM


I can start X with startx. my windowmanager is loading then and everything works perfectly. But thats only working without no .xinitrc file in my home directory. At the Moment a .xinitrc file exists, X doenst start and gives out the written error message.

I tried chmod but it still does not work

i tried to start X as you described, and it started, but of course without Icewm ;)

any other ideas? Is there maybe another way to start programs automaticially when starting X?


Nixu 06-14-2004 08:50 AM

That previous command should do what you want. Just make your own startup script somewhere (or edit ~/.xinitrc) and put there the stuff you want to start up.
Start window manager as a last program without running it to background or xinit will exit at the end and close X.
Example content of ~/.xinitrc:

xterm &

or for KDE-desktop

or for gnome-desktop


Then you start it by running command:

xinit /home/paul/.xinitrc -- :1

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