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keithdw 03-24-2007 05:33 PM

Xine - Gamma / Brightness - Adjustment
I'm new to Linux (using Linux Mint Bianca) and am having some trouble with the transition from WinXP, but I'm getting there and I'm happy with most things.

For video playback I've found Xine to be my player of choice (installed from the Ubuntu repositories), but I find the picture too dark (my general desktop experience is just right!). Anyway, the video controls in Xine don't seem to be available (brightness / contrast / hue etc) unless I select the OpenGL drivers. Using these drivers the picture quality is very much degraded, so this is not an option (I'm using an old Dell Inspiron Laptop with Nvidia GeForce 4600Go).

So, I use the 'Auto' drivers whatever they are end enjoy a great picture quality, but too dark.

This can be fixed by going to the Video Menu, Post Process, Chain Reaction and applying the eq2 filter with a gamma of about 1.25. Unfortunately, Xine does not remember this setting and I have to apply it each time I load the software.

Does anybody know how I can add this to the command line so that xine starts up with this set!!


tredegar 03-25-2007 05:05 AM

man xine throws up a lot of command-line options!

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