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finroth 04-25-2005 10:39 AM

xfree86 4.4 & my intel 'gfx' caird issue

i've got SMGL(sourcemage), compiled kernel, compiled xfree, compiled everything. X ran all fine, DRI was running, all was cool. I got kernel, modules for the gfx compiled(all intel modules to be sure.. i810, i830..). Then one nice evening, instead of halting the X server(ctrl-alt-backstab), I made mistake to interrupt the server using ctrl-c in the console i started it(at least that's why i think it got ruined, because I havent installed anything in a while and used the X server many times before).

next time i tried to start Xfree, the whole system froze completely.. no messages in log about some misfunction that i could find. so i triffled with it, and with DRI turned off, it runs. I have NO idea wtf has happened nor where to look(there is no message in logs). The system also freezes when the DRI is off, I'm in X and try glxinfo. I've event re-installed kernel modules & checked md5 sums of the whole system.. nothing seems to be wrong, but there definitely is.

somebody help me!


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