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jeanvalery 07-25-2003 08:32 AM

XFree and ATI Mach64
hi i've got a mandrake 9.1 and an ATI Mach 64. XFree was installed without 3D acceleration so I installed XF86Mach64 to add support for the graphic card. now I've got a binary called XFree86_M64 and an other called XFree86(the original one). XFree86_M64 launches the XServer but no desktop environment. I guess i should change some things so that i can run startx and it launches the XServer with XFree86_M64 and then my KDE (as it does with XFree86)
thanx for your help

Merlin53 07-25-2003 02:41 PM

1) Edit your /etc/inittab file and change the line with "id:5:initdefault:". Change the 5 to 3 so you have to type the "startx" command.
2) when you type startx you can specify a log level to increase the verbosity of the messages. I think the default is "5". Above that you get more info. Try something like:
startx -- -verbose 6 -loglevel 6 (you need the -- )
The verbose output goes to your screen, loglevel to the logfile.
3) Check the log, I think it's /var/log/XFree86.?.log

You need to verify what file is being used as the XF86Config file, and then mod the settings for your driver.

Good Luck,

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