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kaz2100 12-28-2007 07:19 PM

xfce4 desktop. Icons rearrange themselves. Not good!!

My penguin (Debian lenny) has xfce4 (4.4.2), -Debian package.

Several weeks ago, the icons on my desktop started to rearrange by themselves. (topleft trash, then home and so on). They used to stay where they were.

It is so annoying because these icons do not stay where I put.

I have not changed sitting. (other than aptitude update/upgrade) Further effort not let xfce4 to rearrange icons has not been successful yet. (Neither online manual nor are helpful)

I also have etch penguin, which does not have this symptom. So, it has to be some new feature of xfce...

Does anybody know the solution? (so that icons on desktop stay.)

I appreciate any suggestion!

Happy Penguins!

Okie 12-29-2007 02:36 PM

i dont really like the way xfce draws the desktop icons either, what i did was disable xfce from manageing the desktop and install rox file manager and run it as rox --pinboard=PIN and this allows me to select only the apps with whatever icons i want for them on the desktop, and it supports wallpaper too...

rox --pinboard=PIN works with lots of the lightweight window managers like fvwm, ICEwm, blackbox/fluxbox/openbox, (basically any window manager that does not draw the desktop icons and wallpaper)...

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