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exvor 10-01-2006 05:55 PM

Xfce4.4RC1 fails to build missing dbus ?
When trying to compile xfce4.4RC1 it failes to locate a library. I have been unable to locate information on where this libary gets installed or from what package. only thing ive found is something on xfreedesktop about dbus. The libary sems linked to glib but that cant be since i have the lastet version of that installed glib-2.12.0 the install for xfce fails at runing configure for the xfce desktop manager error log says this

checking for dbus-glib-1 >= 0.34.... not found

1. Why is this not listed as a requirement on the xfce web page
2. Why the hell is it being used or at least checked for ( STOP USING OBSCURE LIBRARIES )
3. The dbus i could find fails to build on a system with glib12 lots of errors about bad code.
4. Why did xfce4.3 build just fine ?????

NOTE: Nothing more then anything annoys me more then a programmer that would use a library that no ones herd of to solve a problem in the code that could have been solved another way without its use. Stop being lazy and include the lib in your code if you know that its only present 2 palces on the entire web or would require a compleate recompile of X windows or something this is annoying and really just makes people not use your program.

fozner 10-02-2006 03:05 PM

What distro are you using? LFS? Mandrake? SaxenOS? Zenwalk?

dbus-glib is a common package available in the core repo of Fedora / Red Hat, probably other distros as well, possibly under different names.

$ rpm -q --filesbypkg dbus-glib-0.61-3.fc5.1
dbus-glib /usr/bin/dbus-binding-tool
dbus-glib /usr/bin/dbus-monitor
dbus-glib /usr/lib64/
dbus-glib /usr/lib64/
dbus-glib /usr/bin/dbus-binding-tool
dbus-glib /usr/bin/dbus-monitor
dbus-glib /usr/lib/
dbus-glib /usr/lib/

exvor 10-02-2006 04:34 PM

Im using this on a LFS-6.0 system and dbus-glib cannot be installed by it self it requires you to have dbus installed on the computer first and configured properly. I was able to get dbus compiled but dbus-glib-1 complains about no device being seutp in /var/run. I have since given up and gone to ICEWM. What concerns me is that people who are using this window manager came to it because its a small window manager if i have to compile gnome stuff whats the incentive for me using it as i would just use gnome.

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