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newbiesforever 04-23-2016 03:03 PM

XFCE: using startup notification
I saw the option "use startup notification" for any applications I add to a launcher in the XFCE panel. I looked that up and found that "use startup notification" means "the window manager will show an hourglass while the program is loading."

The thing I don't understand yet is, why would I care about that? The only benefit I can see is that it's one way to tell whether the app is frozen (the hourglass stops spinning). I used to find that benefit in the aquarium icon that the MEPIS panel used to offer, about ten years ago: if your system ever froze, you could tell from the aquarium not moving anymore.

Besides--now that I think of it, the application I was adding to a launcher, Leafpad, runs so fast that it has no time to display an hourglass.

273 04-23-2016 05:11 PM

It can be useful to show that the application is opening and you have selected it properly if the application is one which takes a while to open -- I notice that Icedove (Thunderbird) takes a fair amount of time to open with a few email accounts, for example, and the hourglass stops me wondering whether I clicked it or not.
So, no, it's not really that important.

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