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aeruzcar 08-07-2004 11:06 AM

Xfce problems with task bar and xfce-panel
Hello there
I just installed the xfce desktop and installed the xfce4 components, when I try to run the xfce4-panel I get the following error
Your window manager does not seem to support the new window manager hints as defined on
Some XFce features may not work as intended.
I believe I may be missing some packages, but I have been checking and everything seemes to be installed.
The panel starts though, but I want to know how can I eliminate that error and hoy I can eliminate the previous taskbar.

slyman 08-08-2004 12:29 AM

Are you running the following in .xinitrc (or what ever you use to start your x session)?

xfwm4 --daemon
xftaskbar4 &
xfdesktop &
exec xfce4-panel

aeruzcar 08-09-2004 10:37 PM

Heeyy thanks, I did as you said, and I choose xsession to start from the menu and got it all working
Now I got a weird question, I added to the xfce4 taskbar the show desktop button, I can't remove it, any ideas? I added and removed many other things but this one I could not remove.
And the other question, how do I add the kde menu ?
Thanks in advance

helbro 09-08-2004 06:15 PM


I had the same problem as you with the show desktop buttons. I googled to fins a solution, but didn't find any.

I figured it out, though, and then i rememberred reading this post. If you still want to remove the Show Desktop Buttons and have been unable, here's the solution:

edit ~/.xfce4/xfce4rc

simply remove this snippet of code.


      <Control id="-1" filename="" swapCommands="1" showTooltips="0" lessSpace="1"/>

restart the wm or do an xkill on the panel to force the panel to be reloaded.


marwich 06-26-2006 05:29 AM

Hi, I have a problem with xfce..
I'm on ubuntu dapper and I installed xfce using apt, but when I launch xfce session some panels are missing. I can't see sistray panel and taskbar panel...It's so strange, because I got installed all required packages, and panels I can't see are xfce's default panels.
Please help me...

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