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senorsnor 06-11-2004 07:32 PM

XFCE: Icons on desktop
I just installed XFCE 4 from a binary package on my slackware current-system and I really like it. One problem though: I just can't put anything on the desktop, ie, I can't drag & drop a document or program onto the desktop. Also, I can't find anything on this but all the XFCE-screenshots I've seen are without icons on the desktop. Is it not possible in XFCE to put somehting on your desktop?

darthtux 06-12-2004 12:54 AM

For dragging and dropping the only program I know of is Nautilus. It is a gnome package. But it is a file manager that puts icons on your desktop and you can drag and drop. It will run on top of XFCE.

Xian 06-12-2004 01:00 AM

Xfce does not plan on adding desktop icon functionality until version 4.4. The next planned stable public release is 4.2. There are many file managers that will run on top of Xfce, but there is nothing native in the program that will allow you to "set" a desktop environment.

andrewlkho 06-12-2004 05:46 AM

You can add something like rox [], which is what I use (on top of openbox) to stick icons onto my desktop. Whilst it doesn't actually store the icons there, only links, it's still useful for apps. You'll probably want ROX-Session, and to run it with the pinboard, but without the panel.

mr666white 08-09-2004 03:42 AM

Nautillus is indeed the best thing to get icons on an XFCE desktop.... It just assumes you want it to take over

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