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bradbobak 11-15-2008 07:33 AM

xephyr to listen on tcp/udp
Hi, I'm trying to get xephyr to listen on my lan. I want to make a connection to a host running xephyr from another host on my lan. Any suggestions / pointers / urls / etc would be appreciated.

mrclisdue 11-16-2008 01:16 AM

Xephyr, for the most part, is a *fuller-featured* Xnest. So, 'man Xnest' will give you an idea of the options that you can use with Xephyr.

I've only ever experimented with Xephyr and Xnest, and have never really put either one to practical use beyond the "wow, that's kinda neat." side of things.

There is scant info available on Xephyr - the README pretty well sums it up.

For it to work on your lan, you'll have to have XDMCP set up on the server (eg, you run Xephyr on your pc, and the pc that you wish to access must have XDMCP set up.) Google for instructions specific to your distribution.

Let's suppose you're on computer A, and XDMCP is established on computer B:

you@A: $Xephyr :2 -query B -screen 800x600 &

This should open a Xephyr window, and (depending on how you've setup XDMCP), you should be presented with a login screen from computer B (with a resolution of 800x600...there are options for depth, etc...)


bradbobak 11-16-2008 03:49 AM

Ok, I'm trying to understand xephyr better here. xepyhr starts a new X server on the computer it runs on, and using -query HOST runs xdmcp on the host? which uses the X server xephyr started on its host?

The problem is, I have a tablet dev environment that uses xephyr on its own host to emulate the tablets display. To start this environment I just set DISPLAY=:2 (so I figure it'd be DISPLAY=xephyr_host:2). Now I'm trying to understand what is happening.

I run 'xephyr :2 -ac -dpi 96 -screen 800x480x16'. There is no -query there. So how is this sdk environment connecting to xephyr? Does it somehow connect to the X server that xephyr starts and xephyr just displays whatever the X server is supposed to display?

Sorry, but I'm a bit confused on this issue.

I'd like to understand this, but I can settle with running xephyr locally and using vnc.

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