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alphisb0t 03-12-2005 05:08 PM

xcompmgr and xv
Hey guys, I've done a lot of research and have found many posts with information on getting the composite software working with the new X system. Now I have it running just fine, dropping soft shadows. Now the problem.

Fluxbox styles wont display the background anymore. The method used is the xv command at the end of the style config file. If I kill the xcompmgr process, suddenly the background shows through no problem. This means xcompmgr overrides the xv somehow.

Next issue, transparency. In the fluxbox menu is a submenu called transparency where you can set alpha levels for the menu, window and un/focused windows. These never worked until I got xcompmgr running. From this it seems fluxbox relies on xcomposite to perform the transparency. I just wish I knew that before I randomly decided to start using it, because I thought my fluxbox was just not fully functional.

Now this next one is a question more toward the style configuration itself. I've set menu.alpha and window.alpha to various values (between 0 and 255) and they do absolutely nothing with or without xcompmgr. The only thing that lets me set transparency is by modifying values in the transparency menu provided by fluxbox itself.

If anyone has any suggestions/comments/info/etc on how I could fix any of these I'd be appreciative. Thx ;P

Komakino 03-13-2005 10:16 AM

Not sure about the menu, but in the .fluxbox/init file the window alpha is split into:
session.screen0.window.focus.alpha: 220
session.screen0.window.unfocus.alpha: 90
and also there's an option called:
session.forcePseudoTransparency: false
make sure that is false. Other than that use a different util to set the background. Use fbsetbg or bsetbg or something...or use display:

display -window root -geometry 1024x768+0+0 Pictures/brown.jpg

alphisb0t 03-13-2005 11:48 AM

The command fbsetbg works! Now all I need to figure out is the styles syntax for changing menu/window.alpha since they don't work. I'm currently using transset manually.

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