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Ascii King 09-21-2001 11:04 PM

X Windows in a Docking Station
I am trying to get X Windows to display from my laptop docking station. I have x windows 4.2.0 and an ATI Rage 128 with 8 megs on board. It runs and displays properly on my laptop when it is not docked.

I have set my monitor settings properly for the screen. And it will work in standard VGA 320x200 but not if I tell it to use the ATI driver. When I do that, it doesn't even send a signal to the montor at all in x windows.

help! help! help!

I checked out the linux on laptops site, but apparently none of those guys have docking stations. I have tried a bunch of different options in the XF86Config file like, 'OPTION CRTOnly' but nothing seems to work.

Can anyone help me?

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