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redness 12-11-2004 06:10 AM

X randomly freezing/crashing
Hi Peoples

I have just started using X on a multitude of diferent windows managers (mainly kde and gnome). However there is a problem. For some reason X crashes. The mouse will move however nothing will respond.

1st Question:

If X crashes, in the nature described above, is there a way to get back to cmdline without pushing restart (button on case)? I am currently using "startx" to run X, and this is under a Slackware Distro

2nd Question:

Is there anyway to find out whats causing the crashes/freezes? I have a feeling its to do with slightly (very slight) graphically intense events, as it often dies when configuring screensavers and such. Also if a cause is there a way to fix it?

Help would greatly be appreciated


Mega Man X 12-11-2004 06:54 AM

1) You could try pressing "ctrl + alt + backspace" to kill the X server. If that does not work, try pressing "ctrl + alt + F[1-6]", that will bring you up to the command line where you can manually kill the Xserver.

2) You could start checking your logs. /var/log/xfree (or something similar to that) could give you some ideas of what have happened. Most important logs are located at /var/log, so take a look ;).

Good luck!

redness 12-11-2004 07:50 AM

Thanks for that.

However before I read this...i tried installing the new drivers for my gfx card....and well now x doesn't work to nice. I installed using Nvidia Installer and now when x starts it has serious issues, firstly it comes up with the nvidia logo...then kde does stuff over it...but it doesn't really succeed, its just a mess. Any suggestions?


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