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jclark00001 04-26-2003 10:38 PM

X is broken
I accidentally changed my monitor to the wrong one (panasonic p70 instead of panasonic s70) and now when i boot up, the screen will flicker once then just turn blank. i tried to use my backed up XF86Config file and that didnt work, so im guessing the monitor driver is stored in a different file. could someone help me out, im a deperate newbie hehe

Nukes 04-27-2003 07:59 AM

Does RH have an XF86Config-4? Maybe its there?
Try running Xconfigurator again, that may work.
Are you sure you haven't just blitzed your monitor?

Mara 04-27-2003 10:26 AM

There's only one configuration file, so I guess you used a file from wrong backup. And the file name should be XF86Config-4 as Nukes suggests. Run XConfigurator and change your settings.

jclark00001 04-27-2003 11:29 AM

Well when it boots up, nothing happens it just turns black when it should be asking me to log in, is there a way for me to get into console when that happens?

Mara 04-27-2003 11:48 AM

Are you able to pass a parameter when you choose 'linux' option to boot? You should use 'linux 3' - it boots to console mode that should allow you to log in and edit the configuration.

subservant 04-27-2003 01:05 PM

I have had nightmares with me trying to get my GEM 17' flat screen to work with monitor drivers. What I did in the end and what helped me was I wrote down all of the monitor specifactaions and then put them in manually in my XF86 file. I dont update my kernal and I have no problems.

rmartine 04-27-2003 07:56 PM

You know... I did the same thing once and blew out my monitor. :( It's a good door stop now.

I hope you have better luck.

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