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MasterC 05-15-2002 03:15 AM

X Audio
Ok, I am workin on MP3's alot, and am trying out all kinds of programs. Many of them say stuff about Xaudio. And then try to send me there to d/l a copy of it. however, if you try to go to then you will notice that it's something I am sure that none of these people are talking about. It's some 25,000 dollar something.

Was there a different xaudio program for linux and got moved somewhere, or am I just too late to get the free copy of this 25,000 software? Thanks.

Sfin 05-15-2002 05:15 PM

From what I read on the site, you use xaudio to develop your own mp3 players


Xaudio allows you to quickly and easily write your own MP3 player with just a few lines of code. You can create your own GUI or other front-end to the Xaudio decoding engine on any one of the supported platforms. Easily embed Xaudio into video games to provide a small, high-quality audio playback capability. In addition, use Xaudio to provide the audio engine for embedded hardware devices, such as portable music players and cell phones.
I don't know what you want to use it for, but it is free for non-commercial projects. But if you want to make some program that uses it, and then sell that product, then no doubt they comany will want some money for using their product.

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