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quozt 08-23-2003 02:29 PM

anyone know of a decent one for linux..

also looking for an image program like Macromedia Fireworks

any ideas?

andrewlkho 08-23-2003 02:40 PM

I don't know about a WYSIWYG HTML editor, I use nano and write HTML. However, I'm guessing that you could use OOo or AbiWord or some other graphical text editor, and select SaveAs, with the filetype being a html document, although I can't confirm this [I know you can do it with OOo].

As for a replacement for Fireworks, I'd suggest the GIMP. It's more of a Photoshop than Fireworks, but it's okay. I don't think that you can run Fireworks MX under Wine, you'll have to check...

kev82 08-23-2003 03:05 PM

i saw a nifty technique for turning vim/mozilla into a wysiwyg editor, apparently mozilla can be controlled remotely so you can issue a command to cause it to refresh the current page from the command prompt, so all you need do is bind the refresh command to a keystroke in vim and there you go, this would obviously work with emacs as well as any other editor that allows you to bind keys.

<edit> found command, mozilla -remote "openURL(/path/to/html/file)" will open the file in the current tab/window.

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