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will824 09-05-2006 12:36 AM

Wireless Beamers in Linux
Today I tried in my University to present a class using my Laptop, in which I have Gentoo Linux Installed.

I usually would plug the vga cable into my laptop and boot in, using X11, but Today they guys who manages the local computer and beamer told me that the old beamer had been changed and this one has Wireless communication. AND the software is in WINDOWS!!!

I erased windows from any partition on my Laptop and I dont believe it works using a VM, so my question is if anyone knows a way to install a software that can manage the connection with the WIreless beamer from Linux without having to reinstall Windows XP.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hangdog42 09-06-2006 10:45 AM

Do you know any information about the projector being used, like make and model? I'm assuming that the wireless connection would be standard 802.11, but its possible that the software needed to send images to the projector is Windows only. However, without a little information on what the projector is, we are just going to be guessing.

will824 09-10-2006 02:30 AM

Going to get the information
Hey there!

Thanks for the repply. Iam going to find out information about the proyector (As I only know it is panasonic) and I will post all the details here.

will824 09-14-2006 04:05 PM

I found some data
As the beamer in my Classroom is located up 10 meters from the floor, instead I looked into the Windows Software, and I found this pages:

Original Beamer Page
The beamer seems to be: Panasonic PT-LB10NTU LCD Projector

PDF Explaining the instalation in Windows:

So... is there any way I could connect with the wireless beamer? My University computer is not that fast... and I really need to use my IMB T40 Gentoo Linux Laptop, I love it!.

Any information would be really valuable!!!


Hangdog42 09-15-2006 08:01 AM

Well, the short answer is that I don't know if I can help you much on this. Following one of your links, I found a Wireless Quick Guide (sorry,its in English, but there is probably a Spanish one on that site somewhere), and that suggests the connection between the computer and the projector is basic wireless TCP/IP. That document also shows a web interface to the projector, but I can't tell if you can run a presentation over that connection.

The Windows software seems to require DirectX, which suggests to me that there isn't going to be a Linux replacement for this. I think you are likely to be looking at either re-installing Windows, trying to use a VM, or trying something like Cedega and see if that can handle the software.

Sorry, but this could along the lines of Windmodems, where there really isn't a decent Linux solution.

will824 09-16-2006 01:20 AM

Hi there!

I browsed the data you sent me and thats a shame that projector does not work, but I wont spend time installing windows. I will rather use the Uni slow PC. I am even thinking on erasing my Thinkpad T40 Windows Hidden partition (To restore system), but I believe it will come in handy when I want to sell it :)

I tried Cedega and Wine. It did not install under cedega but actually did under Wine. I will try and see if it can actually send images next week when I go to my University again...

Thanks for your valuable help. I really like this Community.

PS: Dont worry, my english is good. I learnt in UK and besides we learnt it since we are young in Colombia and there are some schools teaching French too. Your should come... Its a lovely country

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