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r0bman 07-19-2004 10:34 PM

winXP / linux dualboot via GRUB problems
I had my system set up perfectly, dual-booting SuSe 9.1 and Windows XP, until I decided to create another partition via Partition Magic 8 in Windows (i know, I'm an idiot) that was FAT, so I could share files between Suse and windows. When I rebooted afterwards, it went straight to the GRUB console, looking like this:

GNU GRUB version .94 (system info, blah blah)


yyeah. oops. So I freak out, worried I deleted my partition table. I start frantically searching for how to use this console online and come across a guide on how to use the setup (hd0, etc) and root commands. YAY. problem solved.

nope. Doing my usual frantic idiocy, I plugged in what I thought was the right commands to put everything back to normal. When I reboot, I get the GRUB menu again (except minus the graphics, press any key to continue) so I try Linux: Partition does not exist. Windows... right back to the grub menu.

Again, my next step in idiocy: Throw in Mandrake 10 and install that. I erase the SuSe partitions and have a giant sigh of relief when I can navigate to /mnt/windows-c and /mnt/windows-d. Joy. Bliss. (Let me clarify that I have two partitions for windows, one (60GB) for program files and another (100+GB) for files, with another 15 or so GB for linux). Partition D, the important one w/ all my irreplacable date, is still totally navigable. Go to C... 0 files, 0 folders. <insert profanity here>.

reboot. mandrake starts up fine. reboot, select windows in Lilo. i get a GRUB menu?!?!? CONCLUSION: during frantic idiocy #1, using setup(hd0) etc in the GRUB menu, I somehow installed grub on my NTFS windows partition #1, where windows is actually installed. So, that brings me to my question:

can I delete this so that windows boots up normally? If not, is there any way for me to get in there via linux and get the few files I need out? And if not, is there a safe way to reformat just that partition so that I don't lose my big NTFS storage partition?

Thanks a lot in advance for anyone that pities me enough to offer aid...

EDIT: just ran the recovery console via the winXP setup cd. a "dir" command on drive C: produces "An error occurred during directory enumeration."

I'm pretty much convinced that everything on that partition's gone... am I correct in this assumption?

r0bman 07-20-2004 07:25 AM


arno 07-20-2004 09:43 AM

there four commands you can use

to check the consistency of your file system use
chkdsk c: /P

to check you partitions if there is a working windows installation
bootcfg /rebuild

to create a new bootsector

creeate a new master boot record

full discribtion can be found at

r0bman 07-20-2004 09:55 AM

thanks a lot... I'll try it when I get home... i did try chckdisk from there, and it said something along the lines of "this drive has suffered one or more irrecoverable errors." Yay. :(

My main issue right now isn't having to reformat the partition, I guess... that's not a problem. There are just a few real important files that i'd really like to get out, if I could... does anyone know any good data recovery software I can run from linux to somehow get the files off?

r0bman 07-20-2004 04:14 PM

i know caps are frowned upon, but THANK YOU SO MUCH. Got everything running again :) i've never had a problem that i coudln't fix thanks to help on this forum... oh what the world would be without the internet...

thanks again dude :)

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