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cheese1343 10-05-2012 04:26 AM

Wine fonts too large
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Hello everyone,
I am running openSuse 12.2 KDE and wine 1.5.6, and trying to install MS Office 2007, but the fonts are too large. Not all fonts, just the EULA (see attachment). When I install it the icons and fonts of every msoffice application are too large as well (see attachment 2). If I increase dpi in winecfg it gets even bigger. If I then try to decrease it again, nothing happens.

From googleing I found that some Windows users have the same issue and it is solved by changing the Windows theme to classic and back. I tried installing a theme for wine but it made no difference.

I tried with a fresh prefix, default prefix and a prefix used for another application, it is always the same.

Normally I often zoom in and out with most applications, such as Calligra, Chrome and Dolphin because sometimes I sit further away from the monitor, but all of those native apps have no issue returning to normal zoom, and I never changed system fonts. I have mscorefonts installed through yast (fetchmsttfonts) and they appear in Calligra.

Please help, anyone.

cheese1343 10-05-2012 09:16 AM

After hours of torment, the solution was simple... I updated wine to the latest development release (1.5.14 currently) and the problem is gone. So this is clearly a bug with wine 1.5.6. Unfortunately that is the version in official openSuse 12.2 repos.

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