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MylesCLin 12-10-2004 05:41 PM

Wine eats memory! RESOLVED
I normally wouldn't use wine, but I need to run a few apps here and here.
Wine seems to suck up a LOT of memory, anybody got some suggestions to get it back?
I'm running the latest Slack pack of wine.

wapcaplet 12-10-2004 05:52 PM

Is the memory use causing problems? Are you unable to load other programs because of its memory use?

If there aren't any bad side-effects, there's nothing wrong with seemingly extensive memory usage. Your RAM is using power whether it's being used or not, so you might as well be using it.

If there are bad side-effects, though, post what kinds of problems you're having and we'll try to help.

foo_bar_foo 12-10-2004 09:45 PM

as soon as an apication exits / any aplication even if it has huge memory leaks whatever
it gives back its entire address space
memory looks used just cause it was used in the past
as MylesCLin said: (if there is no performance problems)
you could write a program that allocates all memory to itself and cause everything else to swap out.
once it exits everything will recover and work just fine (i tried it once)
memory looks all used up even swap still looks all used up but everything runs great still.
Linux kernel is just designed to use all the memory.
this must be different from Windows cause poeple complain about this all the time.

MylesCLin 12-10-2004 09:52 PM

Thanks for the info.
Yeah, I was having no problems, I was just worried about the usage, but now I'm happy that it's normal.
I thought it must have been swapping stuff out, because I could load other programs just fine.
btw, just in case, could you send me some code for the memory allocation program?
I am just a newbie programmer at the time.

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