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lordshipmayhem 09-05-2004 05:57 PM

WINE and Simply Accounting Installshield
I'm new to WINE. I installed it because I want to try to use AccPac Simply Accounting. I've been abile to change the wallpaper in XWINE (not a huge win, admittedly), but I haven't been able to get the blasted program to install Simply Accounting.

I've tried to install both as my personal address and as Root, and so far no joy.

The log is coming up with this:

fixme:seh:check_resource_write Broken App is writing to the resource data, enabliing work-around

And then it completely hangs.

Is anybody else using WINE, and encountered this?

Distribution: Mandrake 10.0
Hardware: Intel Pentium 4

mhearn 09-06-2004 04:43 AM

1) Upgrade to the very latest version of Wine
2) Install native DCOM - there are tutorials on how to do this floating around

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