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MostViktorious 03-03-2012 08:38 PM

Wicd not working on Debian Squeeze, I believe it's a dbus problem?
I downloaded the latest Debian distro on my laptop to finally try Debian out. Unfortunately, I didn't have a spare network cable, so I could only use wifi on the laptop. I saw that Debian didn't come with any starting applications for this, and I tried playing around with "iwconfig" and other terminal applications to start wifi, but to no success.

I then decided to install a simple graphical interface to configure wifi, and I decided upon Wicd. (I downloaded the tarball onto a USB drive and copied it to the offline laptop.)

The setup seemed to go just fine, and after the setup, I saw the icon for Wicd Network Manager appear in my applications menu. After clicking on it, I saw that it didn't launch. Furthermore, after trying to run the binaries via terminal (wicd-client, wicd-gtk etc), it kept showing:


ImportError: No module named dbus
The readme file which came with Wicd stated that I needed to "restart the system message bus (dbus) or reload it's configuration."

Am I right in thinking that the problem is with dbus, and then, how do I go about restarting dbus?

craigevil 03-03-2012 09:27 PM

Use apt-offline to download and install wicd.

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