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packman 11-16-2002 12:04 PM

why sometimes gtk-gnutella's CPU usage skyrocket?
gtk-gnutella works great but sometimes (it seems start happening often when i use gnutella long period) its CPU usage goes up like crazy for from 30 seconds to a few minutes freezing everything else during that time. It doesn't all the time, and it can happen even though I'm not doing anything (no download, no upload and). During that time, cpu usage could go as high as 90% according to system monitor. I'm not really sure what is triggering this. I could run alot of cpu consuming programs without this happening at one time and it can happen another time without any program running other than gnutella. Why does it sometimes needs to use that much of cpu power for so long time?
Oh I'm using AMD Athlon 1GH.

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