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lilzz 01-19-2016 05:45 PM

why I can't change my POSIX2_VERSION?
I am using Ubuntu,

getconf -a | grep ^POSIX2_VERSION
it shows POSIX2_VERSION 200809

then I do export POSIX2_VERSION=199209
then I check again getconf -a | grep ^POSIX2_VERSION

it still shows POSIX2_VERSION 200809

why I cannot change the POSIX2_VERSION value?

titopoquito 01-25-2016 02:06 PM

From what I see you can actually change the value of POSIX2_VERSION. Just do an "echo $POSIX2_VERSION" and you should see (at least if you export it as root user) that is has changed. It seems this is about where getconf gets that value from and suggest to look at the glibc source code.

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