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sbilstein 07-23-2003 12:10 AM

Why don't more people use gift?
Gift is this daemon so you can download off kazaa and stuff...It works really well, i tihnk its good. I mean it took me 15 m inutes to compile with a frontend and it downloads quicker then windows kazaa.

But i always here people say there is no kazaa for linux/

grifta 07-23-2003 01:11 AM

I couldn't get gift to work properly for me on rh9, I downloaded a frontend and all but still nothing.

contrasutra 07-23-2003 02:04 AM

giFT has been in VERY active development up until a week ago, so when compiling from CVS, it wouldnt work half the time.

But now that giFT has had an official release, im sure more people will start using it.

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