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extendedping 02-08-2007 07:59 AM

why can't I install a xen guest?
I have reinstalled 4 seperate time using different media...I have taken all the yum updates and of course am running the latest xen kernel. during setup I bypassed lvm and simly set up a partition (hda3) and mounted it as /xenpartition. now I follow my books instructions (fedora 6 bible) and it says start virt-manager and enter a name..I call it xenmachine1. then I give it half my ram (500mb). then I specify hda3 as the partition. I then put in the following web address for the install

within seconds the install fails giving various error messages. I am no smartypants but I am following the directions to a tee and have a working internet whats the heck is up? I have wasted bout 2 days doing reinstalls etc thinking I am doing something wrong but I am beginning to think either my book is wrong or worse...I am an idiot

reddazz 02-08-2007 08:11 AM

Closed as requested.

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