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wubai 02-18-2010 03:11 AM

why can't i download this driver "" ?

I tried to update my video card driver of "ati radeon hd3200", and i found it here: , and the driver file url is : , but i couldn't downloade it , and got no messages,

then i tried it in a terminal with wget, got thos errors:

wubai@slack:~$ wget
--2010-02-18 16:06:11--
Resolving,,, ...
Connecting to||:443... connected.
ERROR: cannot verify's certificate, issued by `/C=US/O=GTE Corporation/OU=GTE CyberTrust Solutions, Inc./CN=GTE CyberTrust Global Root':
Unable to locally verify the issuer's authority.
To connect to insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'.
Unable to establish SSL connection.

i used `--no-check-certificate' and downloaded it successfully, can anyone explain this ? and the file i downloaded with `--no-check-certificate' if safe or not ?

thank you !

adamk75 02-18-2010 04:56 AM

I don't know why you can't download the file in your web browser. It downloads just fine here in firefox. The server is using secure http, and wget can't verify that the certificate is for the correct site. It should be safe to use the file you downloaded with the --no-check-certificate option.


wubai 02-18-2010 07:14 AM

@Adam,thanks for your reponse!

it's weird, it seems all of thoese "https " can't be downloaded normally, i tried tor, couldn't download it either.
I just reinstalled the whole system, slack64-13, and copied the earlier backup of firefox back, there might be something wrong. just don't figure out where :P

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