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SniperX103 01-03-2005 02:24 PM

White Screen Lock up in Fedora Core 2.0
Hey all. I recently installed Linux Fedora Core 2.0 on my Dell Inspiron 8000 Laptop as I figured it would be good to know a few things about some other OS's other than Windows. So my level of knowledge dealing with Linux is extremely minimal.

Well, any way, I'll get to the point. My laptop sometimes during start up or shutdown will fade to a all white screen and just lock up there. I'm running Fedora Core 2.0 and I was wondering if anyone was having this problem or if I just have a rogue computer that likes to torture my brain. :) It's a pretty wierd problem as it doesn't happen on any regular basis, however, I figured I'd check if I could fix it.

Thanks for any help. By the way, if I should have posted this in a different forum please inform me so I don't make the same mistake twice. Thanks.

JeanBrownHarrel 01-03-2005 05:34 PM

Same problem with FC3 on a Dell Latitude C600
I installed FC3 on a Dell Latitude C600 and when I would logout it would show a blank or partially blank screen. It also would not respond to anything. I had to remove the battery and disconnect the AC adapter to get it to power off. My laptop has a video card with 4MB of onboard ram. So I adjusted it down to 256 colors on the Display configuration option under the System Settings option and it will log in and out. I think the problem is the graphics/video card does not have enough RAM on it. Or else it is not fast enough. The problem seems to be if something is too demanding of the graphics board as it is AGP 2x and 4MB RAM on the ATI Rage Mobility card. Anyway adjusting the display settings down to 256 colors and dropping the resolution down to 800x600 from 1024x768 will also probably help a lot but it won't play DVDs though. I am presently doing a fresh reinstall as FC3 is way too buggy and defective for me. I had Ogle and Xine installed but they would not play the DVD movie but FC2 would. I think I will pass on FC3 and upgrade straight from FC2 to FC4; bypassing FC3. FC3 is trash, in my opinion, and should be sent to the junkyard or the graveyard; take your pick.


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