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AJones 08-23-2005 09:53 PM

Which IDE+ GUI package is compatible with KDevelop ?

I need to develop some applications for my project, I am using Debian, with KDevelop 3. However, I am unable to use KDevelop Interface Designer as I get an error, SiGSERV(11) as it crashes, and unable to load Qt-Designer as I have some incompatibel libqt3-mt when I apt-get qt-designer? Any other recommendations that will facilitate app development with KDevelop 3?


scuzzman 08-23-2005 11:45 PM

Are you running KDE?

AJones 08-24-2005 06:58 AM

Yes Please!.

I see, I can use the GUI development from within KDevelop, I dont about kDevelop Interface Designer is any different from this, in any case from command line I get this error on KDevDesigner

QPainter::begin: Cannot paint null pixmap
QPainter::setPen: Will be reset by begin()
KCrash: Application 'kdevdesigner' crashing...


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