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AVD_ZM 02-05-2005 11:46 AM

where can i get MP3 codec
Hey, I'm using Fedora3, was just wondering where can i get a mp3 codec.


secesh 02-05-2005 11:50 AM

because that is in violation of the license of FC3, i don't think this site is the place to ask that question

AVD_ZM 02-05-2005 12:19 PM

opps, sorry!!!

mjmwired 02-05-2005 12:30 PM

Out of curiousity. Can someone explain why obtaining an MP3 codec is in violation of the FC3 license?

Also where does it say in the LQ rules that the original question should not be asked?

secesh 02-05-2005 12:33 PM


Posts containing information about cracking, piracy, warez, fraud or any topic that could be damaging to either or any third party will be immediately removed.
don't you think intentionally violating copyright issues applys (i think that's what the problem stems from with FC)?

--not sure of the specifics, just know it's an issue... as i don't run FC, i've never cared to look it up, sorry...

secesh 02-05-2005 12:41 PM

not that i fully understand the implications here, but here's the quick answer:


Fedora won't ship MP3-capable software because the Fraunhofer Institute's patent license terms are not compatible with the GPL.

mjmwired 02-05-2005 12:58 PM

I feel I am obligated to correct you. Obtaining an MP3 codec is in not indicative of "cracking, piracy, warez, fraud" etc. Playing an MP3 does not violate a copyright. Furthermore compatibility with the GPL in the Fedora license does not prohibit users from installing non-GPL (or for that matter any) software in Fedora. It only applies to what software RH/Fedora will choose to RE-distribute.

Many people have asked how to enable mp3 codecs on LQ, run a search. Respectfully I beleive your answer was somewhat unclear if not misleading.

Btw: I should point out that you do have FC in your list of distributions you use.

secesh 02-05-2005 01:36 PM

thanx for noticing... yes i ran FC, and RH, but no, i do not use them. I like to test distros, it does not follow that i like to run all the distros i test.

In the case of your response, which i will take as valid, and thereby drop the subject of legality behind this issue, I will respond to the original thread by suggesting the user add to their yum list, and you should be able to find a package xmms-mp3 to resolve this issue.

tkedwards 09-16-2005 12:44 AM

The MP3 thing has nothing to do with copyrights, its a patent issue mainly concerning the United States with its peculiar patent laws:

Also almost every other Linux distro besides Redhat/Fedora and Suse comes with MP3 support built-in by default so this is hardly something too illegal to ask on LQ.

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